About Plantae

What is Plantae?

Plantae is a global community and knowledge hub for plant scientists. Here you will find the tools you need to grow your career, connect with others, share research, and create the community you want.

  • A central place where plant science students, educators, professionals and organizations can connect, share ideas and access content, tools, resources, and apps
  • A secure home for groups and other collaborative communities to learn, gather, share, communicate, and participate
  • An online home giving the global plant science community the opportunity to have a strong collective presence and voice
  • A platform to curate, share, and discuss the latest plant science research.

Features include:

  • Up-to-date grant and funding information, tools, and resources
  • The most comprehensive global directory of plant scientists available in one place
  • Career guides, jobs and volunteer listings, mentors, and resume reviews
  • Crowdsourcing tools that allow community members to contribute resources
  • Customizable education resources to help faculty, staff, and students achieve their teaching and learning goals by providing educational, technological, and assessment support.
  • Private in-network connections and messaging
  • Secure document storage
  • Collaboration tools with privacy controls

Why was Plantae created?

  • Plantae was developed  to address the need for a community and knowledge foundation for the global plant science community, based on input and ideas from members of the community. It is a crowdsourced initiative powered by ASPB in collaboration with the Global Plant Council and represents our ongoing commitment to the plant science community.

What is the business model?

  • Initial funding for the platform was provided solely by ASPB. Through partnerships and a growing community, we hope to continuously invest revenue into building new tools, providing new content, and launching new programs. We are openly and actively seeking partnerships with other organizations, groups, and societies with the goal of strengthening the community and elevating the visibility of the importance of plant science across the globe. This could include adding additional benefits on behalf of partnering organizations into the Plantae ecosystem. If you are interested in learning more, please contact the community manager.

How do I join Plantae?

  • Joining the Plantae community is easy! Learn more here

How do I join ASPB?

  • ASPB has a whole set of other member benefits. You can join ASPB here. Contact the ASPB Membership Manager, Shoshana Kronfeld, if you have questions.