The Plant Science Research Network (PSRN) was established in August 2015 through the support of a National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network (RCN) award to the Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) and the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB), to further the goals outlined in the 2013 publication, The Plant Science Decadal Vision


Since 2015, the PSRN has grown from nine founding members to fourteen organizations! Members of the PSRN nominate individuals to organize and participate activities such as strategic planning workshops, community listening sessions, and exhibiting at meetings, such as the Society for Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) and the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS).

Learn more about the PSRN workshops by reading the following reports: 

The PSRN supports professional development, please contact us to get involved with a new or existing network on Plantae. PSRN networks include: 


PSRN members
The PSRN members (July 2018)

Below, you will find a list of PSRN member organizations and a link to visit their website. 


The PSRN leadership team includes: 

Steering Committee representatives

Each organization has nominated an individual to represent their organization. The steering committee representatives meet each year. 

PSRN Steering Committee
Representatives at the PSRN steering committee in March 2018 in Pittsburgh, PA.