As sensors become smaller and imaging equipment becomes more sensitive, more companies and labs are developing and implementing automated platforms to collect data. Below is a list of platforms that are currently being sold or developed. 

TerraSentia, developed by EarthSense, is an ultra-compact, autonomous robot with multiple sensors and embedded data collection and analytics software for phenotyping.

TerraSentia website:

News article about TerraSentia:

LemnaTec provides high throughput plant imaging for the repeated measurements of phenotypes in the lab, the greenhouse or the field. 

LemnaTec website:

Video of LemnaTec machines at work:

WIWAM is a group of phenotyping robots that allow for the imaging and irrigation of plants in a chamber or in a greenhouse, developed by SMO and VIB. 

WIWAM website:

Example of WIWAM for maize:

The In Vitro Growth Imaging System (IGIS) allows for the imaging of 10 petri dishes of Arabidopsis seedlings over time.

Website explaining the setup of an IGIS system:

Research paper describing the IGIS system:

There are also many other platforms being developed by labs and other research groups: