Getting the most out of RNA-seq data with expVIP with Cristobal Uauy

Plantae Seminar Series

In this seminar, we discuss the use of expVIP, an expression Visualisation and Integration Platform, which allows easy analysis of RNA-seq data combined with an intuitive and interactive visualisation interface. Users can analyse public and user-specified datasets with minimal bioinformatics knowledge and generate a custom web browser to visualise, sort and filter the RNA-seq data. To exemplify its use in crop research we developed a flexible wheat expression browser ( which we will discuss in the seminar.

Participants will be able to: 

Speaker: Cristobal Uauy

Cristobal is a Project Leader in Crop Genetics at the John Innes Centre. His lab’s research is centered on understanding the genetic basis of complex traits in wheat, such as yield and nutritional properties.

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