Hello everyone! I have created a website named rbiology.github.io where I made some tutorials on getting started with data analysis using R software. R is a free, open-source programming language that is getting very popular in research because all steps of data analysis can be done on one platform and we can get publication ready high quality graphics. 
I will be adding more tutorials on other topics in the future. I would love your suggestions and feedback on improving the website or on adding other items of interest.

Currently, there are tutorials on the following topics:

R-01: Get data and set working directory
R-02: Install packages
R-03: Loading input data into R
R-04: Summarize and play with data
R-05: Manipulating data frames using filter, select, mutate, and pipes
R-06: Group_by, summarize, and export data
R-07: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
R-08: Post-hoc test: Tukey HSD

For details, visit: https://rbiology.github.io