Personal webpages are getting popular these days to have an online identity. With a large number of tools available online these days, we should use digital technology to our benefit.
A personal website could be a hub for showcasing our current projects and accomplishments. We could keep our teaching and research philosophy and links to student projects. A copy of CV could be included along with sample syllabus. A list of publications and presentation slides could be included. Adding a blog would also help in keeping updated with new things happening in our academic / research life.
Have you ever wondered how to create a personal webpage, that too for FREE? If yes, then github is the tool you are looking for. github helps in hosting free webpages along with an added benefit of version control where you could track all your previous steps.
To get some motivations, check out these professional webpages created using github:
1. Ross-Ibarra Lab, UC Davis
2. François Michonneau, University of Florida
3. Karl Broman, University of Wisconsin–Madison

In this, step-by-step tutorial, I will show you how to create an account in github and how to create a new personal website in a few minutes. Suggestions and feedbacks are always welcome.

Click HERE for detailed tutorial.