For my ASPB Conviron Scholars program independent project, I created a plant molecular biology board game. Below you’ll find a brief outline of the project, as well as the files comprising the board, cards, and playbook. I encourage you to download the game components, print and play!

Inflorescence: a plant molecular biology board game

Inflorescence is a tabletop game for introducing plant molecular biology concepts, particularly stress response and proteostasis. The intended audience is high school biology students.


· Use active learning principles to impress the complexities of molecular biology

· Create a fun, engaging medium for teaching plant science in the classroom

· Encourage further learning by providing external resources and/or discussion questions to accompany game


1.      Develop gameplay

2.      Incorporate graphics

3.      Playtest with peers

4.      Create prototype board

5.      Playtest with target audience and document experience via survey (or similar)

Artwork was created using Inkscape, an open-source vector graphics software similar to Adobe Illustrator. Photographs are free use without attribution from Unsplash. Font is “Riffic Free”.


Thank you to my UH Mānoa friends Dylan Oates and Joey Ooka, both ASPB members, for playtesting my board game. This was integral to developing gameplay and finding gaps in the playbook. To test the board game, I used game pieces from Pandemic.

Inflorescence playtesting
The first round of playtesting with peers was both fun and informative

Next steps:

Before ordering a prototype board with cards, I want to improve the artwork. This is the first project I’ve done in Inkscape and I am far from an artist/graphic designer. When I feel comfortable with the quality, I will order components from The Game Crafter.

Custom printed board, cards and box:


Despite the Scholars program ending soon, I hope to see this project through. I have tentative plans to playtest Inflorescence with a local high school's biology class. 

Thank you for checking out my project! I sincerely hope you give it a try.


Inflorescence board final.pdf

Inflorescence cards final.pdf

Inflorescence playbook final.pdf (2)