My name is Beverly Agtuca and I am a 4th year Ph.D student at the University of Missouri-Columbia under Dr. Gary Stacey. I am one of the 2017-2018 ASPB Conviron Scholars.

I would like to share my independent project from the scholars program. This project is on the instructions and guidelines for an inquiry-based plant activity. I did an outreach program along with an undergraduate student, Sterling Evans, that I currently mentor within research for FRIPS. Our classroom activity is called, "Garden in a Glove."

With funding from an NSF grant and a partnership with the MU-ReSTEM Institute (Reimagining & Researching STEM Education) and Columbia Public Schools, they added a science outreach component to the existing NSF-funded FRIPS program (Freshman Research in Plant Sciences). This was an opportunity to develop new Benton Science Club activities focused in the area of plant biology and pathology. The MU-ReSTEM Institute is a current partner with Benton Elementary to offer a Science Club for Benton students. Elementary school students meet weekly at Benton Elementary on Monday afternoons. Benton Science Club activities were designed and communicated by the paired graduate student and undergraduate researchers with the support of advisor, Dr. Melissa Mitchum.

Attached to this article are the classroom outline, materials, worksheets, and powerpoint presentation.

This was an excellent opportunity for me to be paired with an undergraduate student to set up this classroom activity and to interact with elementary school students (K-5th grade) that have a fond of plant biology. The students had fun with the event and told us that they would share this with their parents and families.

Beverly Agtuca
Ph.D Candidate in Plant Sciences
University of Missouri-Columbia

B. Agtuca Garden in a Glove Example Lesson.pdf (1)

B. Agtuca_Garden in a Glove Outline.pdf

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