Over the next two months I will be collecting Poster Teaser videos to put on the Plantae YouTube channel! This will be a way for you to build excitement with our online community to see your poster in Montreal! If you would like to be involved there are several strict rules you must follow:

  1. In honor of my Cell-fie Science YouTube channel (which I hope to revive soon), videos must be self-shot using your cell phones camera!

  2. Maximum of 60 seconds (seriously at 60.5 seconds I will send it back to you for a reshoot). 

  3. This is a TEASER, not an abstract. Think about a movie trailer, they never give away the climax, they serve to build excitement. Your teaser should not include any new data being presented. Data is what you want people to come talk to you about during the meeting. Instead give them a reason they should come. What questions are your data answering? What problem are you tackling? Why should I come see your poster?

  4. I must be able to download them to upload them to the Plantae YouTube. Thus you need to share them with me at oshngirl@gmail.com via Google Drive, Dropbox, some file exchange system from which I can download them.

If your video violates any of the rules above I will be contacting you with edits to be made.

Please keep in mind your audience, while we are all plant biologist the scope of research is broad across the community. Don’t assume we know your system in detail, or at all ;) As videos are received I will start uploading them to the Plantae YouTube channel a few times a week and include the link on this thread.

Once you know your poster number you can email it to me and I will update the description of the video to include this information so don’t feel as if you have to wait until poster numbers have been assigned. 

If you are not sure how to craft a teaser video check out my tips post: https://community.plantae.org/...

I cannot wait to see the videos you make! Watch the PlantBio18 Network here on Plantae for my upcoming post Making the Most of the Poster Session!