Dr. Modinat Adekoya is  a Plant Breeder  and an academic staff in the Department of Plant Science and Biotechnology, Federal University Oye Ekiti, Nigeria. Currently, she is studying on how crop like rice could be improved against abiotic stress like drought. It is was nice talking to her, we discussed about her biography and career path in plant science. The following is a summary of part of our discussion


Dr Adekoya hails from Ogun State Nigeria. She obtained her Bachelors and Masters degree in Botany from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria and from University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria in 2002 and 2008.

What brought you to plant science in the first place?

Her Ph. D was  in  Plant Genetics and Breeding in 2014 at Hauhyong University of Agricultural, China in 2014. After graduation she came back to Nigeria and worked in  National Cereal Research Institute, Ibadan, Nigeria. In 2015, she took up the lecturing appointment with Federal University Oye Ekiti, Nigeria.

Did you do any post-doctoral work?

Dr Adekoya has a passion to contribute in solving food security issues facing sub-Saharan Africa particularly on abiotic stress affecting crop yield. She is actually looking for funding to support her application for a post doctorate studies.

She is optimistic that by the beginning of 2019 she will have gotten her funding to begin her studies.

How is plant important to humanity?

Her stay  in China exposed her to several uses in plants ranging from medicine, food, construction and paper production. She quote that plants are autotrophs and we all need it as consumers.

What area in plant science will you advise graduate student who is about to finish?

She advised graduates to learn skills and craftsmanship that could assist them especially when the do not find jobs in plant science.

Secondly, she emphasized young graduate to specialize in plant taxonomy, plant breeding and plant physiology. In Africa, a lot of indigenous crops have not been identified and named that brings the necessity of young graduates to specialize in such area.

What do you like the most about your job?

As a University teacher, it has been interested mentoring students and she said it is satisfying to impact knowledge, character and discipline. Overall, she loves teaching practical sections in flowering plants.

Did you have a mentor when you started as a professor?

She said she has a lot of mentors who inspired her in all areas of life. From all the mentors she mentioned Prof Johnson Omoleye Ariyo who was her M.Sc supervisor has been her most preferred mentor .He is currently a Professor of Plant Breeding and Seed Technology, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria.

Anything else you would like to share with the ASPB Scholars? Plant Scientists should be focused and engage in research geared towards achieving food security should be encouraged. She emphasized on effective collaboration locally and internationally.

You can find our conversation via https://community.plantae.org/document/5116381492703921856/interview-iwuala-emmanuel


Iwuala Emmanuel

Ph.D Candidate in Botany

University of Lagos