Siobhan Braybrook of UCLA will be giving a talk at Phenome 2019. We asked her a few questions about her talk and the upcoming meeting:

1. What are you excited about learning at Phenome 2019? Why should your colleagues attend this session?

I am excited to learn about large scale phenotyping in crop fields. Most of my work is in the lab!

2. What is the tentative title of your talk? Can you give a quick teaser for your talk?

My talk is "Quantifying diverse cell shapes: morphometrics and undulomics". Describing shape isn't as easy as it sounds, quantifying it is even more challenging. Come find out what we are doing to accomplish this across a wide range of plant species!

Don’t miss out this year! Registration is open for Phenome 2019, to be held on Feb. 6–9 in Tucson, AZ. For discussion and updates, join the Phenome 2019 network on Plantae and follow @PlantPhenomics and #Phenome2019 on Twitter.