We are 12 weeks away from Plant Biology 2019 in San Jose!! :O :O :O I both cannot wait and am terrified that it is coming so fast! This will be my first meeting where I am a Doctor, have a faculty job, and will not be bringing any research so I can focus completely on community engagement. On that thought, the point of this post is to gather our community together to start conversation! 

I'll start the introduction rounds. 

I'm Jennifer. I just finished my PhD from IUPUI and have started a faculty position at Manchester University, which is a PUI. I have been a member of ASPB for about 4 years and have attended 3 annual meetings (Austin 2016, Honolulu 2017, Montreal 2018). My main social media presence is on Twitter (@OshnGirl). I cannot wait to meet everyone and hang out in 12 weeks :) 

If you are attending Plant Biology 2019, please comment below! Use this post to build your community over the coming weeks. Revisit it repeatedly to see who is coming, and follow them here on Plantae and/or their social media!