By Emmanuel Nkemakolam Iwuala

Plant based research could be strengthened and effective through awareness and information to enhance productivity in the world agricultural environment. Currently research in plant science aims to tackle the problem of environmental stresses like drought, salinity on agricultural produce globally. As this tends to solve the problem of food shortage and enhance food sufficiency in the future.

The study of  Plant Science in the  University with an interest in Plant Physiology should be encouraged to enrich the knowledge about vital functions and mechanism on how plant respond to  several environmental factors. During my year 1 at the University, I was privilege to attend a faculty seminar where I learned about drought and salinity are among major environmental stresses facing agricultural crops in the field. This drew my attention and I became more informed about how drought stress increased due to climate change scenario in Nigeria especially in the Northern part of the country. At this time, my interest grew more in crop improvement to create a balance between drought and food sufficiency. In several developing nations like Ethiopia, Sudan and Nigeria suffers the tremendous increasing effect of climate change, increase of carbon dioxide, effects of flood and high temperature which are pre-requisite in enhancing drought, which damage farms, and cause crop loss to farmers.

 Plant science is a discipline of great importance as it create a remarkable knowledge to become an authority in the pool of economic transformation through introduction of relevant idea to solve problematic issues like enhancing food supply. The participation with American Society of Plant Biologist Scholars program will broaden the knowledge and understanding concerning different aspects of plant science. Recently, the knowledge of plant science in the field of developing drought tolerant crops, is successfully addressing problems of insufficient food through the use of molecular biology tools to breed and generate crops for the future. This will ensure food security and eliminate hunger among farmers in sub-Saharan African and subsequently bring about productivity in the worlds (Nigeria) agricultural system. However, the knowledge gained from the study of plant science will generate the opportunity to enlarge frontier of research innovation and  with other researchers from other countries and in the world  at large.