Ivan: Hi everyone! Welcome to Season 4 of the Taproot, the podcast where we dig beneath the surface of a scientific publication. In each episode, we discuss the publication of  a paper with one of its authors, telling the stories that don’t make it into the final manuscript—such as technology development, work-life balance, career gaps, gender discrimination, and student mental health.

Liz: This season’s theme is “Cultivating a Career”, and we’ll talk about this from both sides--ideas and advice for your own career AND for helping the careers of others. For the first half of the season, we tackle questions about graduate school. The three episodes released this summer will address how to go about making big decisions like “should I go to grad school”, debate the use of the GRE in graduate school applications, and what to expect in graduate school interviews


Ivan: We have loved hearing from listeners at meetings and seminars about what you liked about the podcast.  We are still brainstorming for the later episodes of this season, so if there are questions you have about cultivating a career, send them our way on twitter or email. If you haven’t listened to our back catalog, now would be a great time to get caught up. You can find all of our episodes on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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