We have two community collections here on Student Space for grad perspectives. Use the links to submit your responses or forward to colleagues, outreach groups, or grad groups. Submissions from fields outside of plant biology are encouraged. 

Forms submitted anonymously or without contact information will be posted as is, so proofread please!

If applicable, we can work with your outreach or grad group to create group posts for your websites and media. 

Grad Injuries: Mental or Physical Obstacles

Link: https://gradperspectives.typeform.com/to/JIh2Wu

If you are a graduate student or postdoc with a story of injury, illness, or major life adaptation that you’d like to share, please do! School and research seem to dictate our lives, until life events demand otherwise, and then it can be difficult to juggle the three. Share your tricks, struggles, life lessons, research hacks, advice, or anything you feel will help you or another struggling student get through some of life’s unexpected turns. As always, we hope everyone will be patient and respectful to those around them and those who wish to post here, for many ailments are invisible and many people will choose to deal with them in a way that you would not. 

Grad Perspectives

Link: https://gradperspectives.typeform.com/to/GEkHel 

Share your experiences, desires, advice, and/or reflections regarding the past 6-8 months of your graduate school career. This is a growing collection of short entries from students at every level of their graduate career. The goal is to foster community, inform and help aspiring, fellow, or early grad students, and allow you to reflect on your own career. Try to avoid stories or experiences prior to this time frame (6-8 months) so students earlier in their career can share their current experiences (i.e. to avoid entries only about qualifying exams).