Mentoring is shown to improve performance in research environments but reports suggest that the quality of mentorship in academia is not what it needs to be to ensure mentee success.

The importance of mentoring to graduate students and postdocs is well documented, but it remains important upon transition to an independent position. 

Surveying the quality of Mentoring

As a first step to understanding the challenges and successes of mentoring in academia I am working with collaboration with Sarvenaz Sarabipour and the eLife Ambassador program to surveying the quality of mentoring for independent researchers. 

Why you should take this Survey?

To help us complete the picture, please take our survey. It is anonymous and only takes 4-6 minutes to complete! We aim to surface what mentees believe is most important for a positive mentoring experience and to identify common gaps in skills or resources that can be addressed.

Who should take this Survey?

We welcome all early to mid career independent researcher/assistant/associate professor/junior group leader/lecturers from around the world (5 continents).

Releasing the results

We will publish the highlights of the results initially in a blog piece and hope to create recommendations for better mentoring practices.

A link to the survey can be found here.