There are numerous official days around the world, some are commemorated with pomp and splendor some with resolutions, goals and intentions to have an impact. Some impact select stakeholders, but others like plant health impact everyone. Past and present plants contribute, food, fuel clothing and shelter in some form, for all. The International Year of Plant Health gives 365 days to appreciate the importance of keeping plants healthy.

Plants must first exist, and then be kept healthy. Increasingly, the growing human population has taken its toll on plant populations. Continuously reducing, plant numbers have led to an impact on climate. No one disputes that deforestation and increase of crop land has changed the plant diversity of most biomes.  Human consumption currently reduces almost half of the annual photosynthetic productivity, coupled with poor maintenance practices, this has created catastrophes at various levels.  One way to turn the tide on this issue is for individuals to increase the number of plants in existence at any given time. Increasingly urban residents are not farmers and one tomato plant in a pot, might not have the desired impact. Planting millions of trees could certainly do that, which is the concept behind Ecosia, a German based search engine that claims to use profits from advertisement on their engine on tree planting projects around the world.  Does the prospect of investing in planting millions of trees, form the comfort of your desk sound appealing? This might be feasible together with others using the search engine, and holding Ecosia accountable to their commitment to plant trees! Find out more about Ecosia at this link