Dear Colleagues,

After conducting surveys and soliciting in-depth reviews of the sixth edition of the Plant Physiology and Development textbook, we have begun work in earnest on the seventh edition of the book with the expectation of release in May 2022. As always, the production of this community resource is a collaborative effort that involves  extensive revision by chapter authors, input from experts in the specializations covered within the text, peer reviews of all of the content, reassessment of figures, assembly of web content, and thorough pedagogical review/revision of the overall product. Suggestions and criticisms from the Plant Science community are essential to the success of this effort. In the past, many of our colleagues have kindly sent us papers that they feel contain information that should be included in the text, and these papers have often stimulated important updates and corrections. As we embark on the seventh edition, we invite all plant science researchers to feel welcome to send us papers and comments for possible inclusion in the text. We will do our best to give all communications and the content of all recommended papers careful consideration. As we are now on a fixed timetable, we can promise consideration only of communications sent before 1 May, 2021. 

Please send your communication with supporting PDFs to,, or or comment below. As a note, Eduardo Zeiger retired from working on the textbook after the publication of the sixth edition. We will forward the materials sent to the appropriate editor.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Lincoln Taiz, Ian Max Moller, and Angus S. Murphy

Editors, Plant Physiology and Development, Seventh Edition