2020 EEPP Officer Nominations are open

Do you know someone who you think could lead the EEPP section? Nominate a colleague to serve as outreach officer OR secretary treasurer for the EEPP. See how below.

Who to nominate?

Nominees must be EEPP members and hold a full time permanent position (in any sector).

To nominate someone: (Aug. 25 Deadline)

  1. It's easy: list the position and  tag a nominee's Plantae account by typing a comment in the discussion and tag their profile. 
    1. Example: type @JaneDoe for outreach officer to nominate Jane Doe for outreach office.
    2. BE SURE to indicate  EITHER "outreach officer" OR "secretary treasurer"
    3. Jane Doe's account will automatically pop up, if not copy/paste this URL https://community.plantae.org and ask them to register.
    4. If you wish to nominate someone anonymously, contact: Shoshana Kronfeld.

2. You're done, thank you!

To accept a nomination (Sept. 15 Deadline)

  1. You must be an active member of the EEPP and have a Plantae account.
  2. You will get a notification in your profile.
  3. Reply to your nomination comment with your acceptance or regrets. 
    1. Non responses will be treated as a decline.
  4. Go to your profile 
    1. Upload a CV - there should be an upload button near your bio.
    2.  Write a brief statement at the beginning of your bio outlining your interest in the position, EEPP and your vision for the section.  This statement can be removed after the election, if you desire. You can also include your statement in the discussion comment section below. 

If you do not wish to be nominated:

  1. Decline the nomination by replying to the comment in which you were nominated.

Election Process:

Voting will be open to EEPP members via an email link and Plantae account September. 16-30.

Election results will be announced October 10. 

For Help using Plantae Contact Katie Rogers krogers@aspb.org

For Membership and Eligibility information: Shoshana Kronfeld shoshana@aspb.org