Early Career Plant Scientists Section

American Society of Plant Biologists

Core Team Meeting, January 29, 2020; 8:00 am PST

Via Zoom


1. Newsletter Recap - General consensus is that the January newsletter was “good enough” and we will use elink for future newsletters. 
2. Recruitment - No major updates
 - Craig goes through first author profiles and reaches out to non-ECPS members
- We now have 109 ECPS Members, over 1400 Twitter followers, and 30-40 Instagram followers
- Ideas for Recruiting during graduate students recruitment at universities: 

  • Will departments sponsor ASPB membership for first year students ? cost matching with students ? 
  • Generate an ASPB membership discount code that could be provided during a Plantae Webinar
  • Planned a Plantae Webinar focused on “Tips and Tricks for Graduate School” in early April 

3. Reducing fees, membership proposal - update
- The proposal is with the membership committee and should be reviewed soon. If it is approved by the membership committee, it will move to the council, then the board, and eventually will be voted on by ASPB membership if it is approved at every step of the review process. 
- Post a poll on twitter asking ECPS how they pay for professional society memberships. 

4. 3MT Discussion and Decision
- We will not be hosting a 3MT competition at PB 2021 - we will postpone until PB 2022. 
- The funds available to ECPS will be used to provide reduced registration or membership fees for ECPS members. 
-  These funds will only be available to ECPS members. 

5. Increasing Membership Interaction -- ideas ? 

  • Use Instagram to interact with out members and others interested in plant biology
  • We will make a Google Sheet to collect content from ECPS members for ECPS social media accounts. 

6. Recruitment for a Head of Content. Open Call ? 

- Change the name of the position to Head of Science Communication and Content

7. Creating a list of resources and opportunities

- Rishi and Katie Rogers have been working on this and a spreadsheet will be provided in the Google Drive. Everyone feel free to contribute.  

8. Consolidating our resources and efforts
- Having a central repository for items (surveys, graphics, language...etc). This will make content generation much, much easier. 
 - This will also include information that needs to go on the website