PSRN activities

Past and present

March 2017  If you’re attending Plant Biology 2017, the PSRN invites you to attending (Saturday, June 22 at 9:00 – 11:00 AM in Honolulu). We had great success last year at PB16 and Botany 2016 with a similar gathering. This year, the PSRN will discuss our strategic planning efforts around the future of plant science research and training.  October 26 Since our last update, we are happy to share that the PSRN has completed three workshops! We will be sharing more detailed information soon. Keep an eye out for updates in the ASPB newsletter and on Plantae. The three workshops are Scenario Development, Postgraduate Training, and Cyberinfrastructure. More information coming soon!  

February 2017 The PSRN steering committee met in Tucson, AZ in conjunction with the inaugural Phenome 2017 meeting. Updates, soon! 

October 2017 Thank you to all who attended the Cyberinfrastructure and Postgraduate Training workshops, supported by the NSF. More info will be shared, soon. 

September 2017 Thank you to the NSF and HHMI for supporting us and allowing the PSRN to take part in scenario planning. The Scenarios for 2035 will be shared, soon. 

August 2016 We have posted a summary of the discussion at PB16. Follow the link for a summary of the discussion. Welcome to the American Society of Plant Taxonomists and the Association of Independent Research Institutes! 

July 2016  Will you be in Austin at Plant Biology 2016? If so, please attend our workshop titled, "Re-Imagining Postgraduate Training for the Plant Sciences."   

June 2016  Welcome to the Phytochemical Society of North America!  We are happy to announce the newest member of the PSRN: the Phytochemical Society of North America! Representing the PSNA are Elli Wurtzel and David Gang.  

May 2016 The Network is growing!  The Global Plant Council (GPC) has joined the Plant Science Research Network! Learn more about the GPC.  

March 14, 2016  Happy pi day!  We have posted an outline of the NPSI: National Plant Systems Initiative. We welcome you to read the document and share your thoughts in the comments section. 

February 2016 The second PSRN Steering Committee held at the ASPB headquarters. 

October 2015 First PSRN steering committee meeting


The Steering Committee at their first meeting, October 2015. From left to right, Vanessa Greenlee, Brett Tyler, Heather Cacanindin, Andrea Weeks, Crispin Taylor, Michael Donoghue, David Stern, Jim Birchler, Rebecca Grumet, David Baltensperger, Kelly McConnaughay, Michelle Bjerkness, and Natalie Henkhaus  

August 2015 Network formed with initial members: