When should reviews be communicated to the authors?  One problem we and other journals will always have is that it can take a fairly long time to get all the reviews back. Some reviewers will respond quickly and get their reviews in quickly, but it can take a week or more to get other reviewers to agree, and then even longer to get reviews back. If a manuscript is waiting for a second review while one review with constructive suggestions has already been submitted, the time waiting for the second review is lost to the authors.  

So the idea is: When a review is submitted, it goes directly to the authors. No comments from the editor and the authors are under no obligation to respond until editor renders a decision

Pros: Authors receive feedback, have the option to prepare responses, do new experiments and turn around responses faster. Or do nothing. 

Cons: No context for reviews- negative comments might cause authors to do experiments editors won’t require.  Or positive reviews might lead authors to think that they were going to get accepted, only to be upset when a negative reviews came in. 

What do you think?