Writing research and review articles is a crucial skill that scientists must work hard to master, but at least when you are struggling to learn this skill you have plenty of examples to try to emulate. Increasingly, scientists are being asked to make their work more accessible to the public. Why? One reason is that much of our work is funded by taxpayers, but perhaps more importantly it seems to me a natural extension of our quest to understand the natural word should be to share that knowledge.

The question is, what does "accessible writing" about plant science look like? We have far fewer examples to follow when we set out to share our knowlege beyond the community of plant scientists. Therefore, I'm starting a collection of articles about plant science, written for the broader public, to help all of us learn how to communicate our work (and the work of our colleagues). I'm also collecting writings about writing - articles, books, videos or other tutorials about the art of writing for the public about science.

Please contribute articles or links to the Science Communication group at Plantae.org. As we build up these collections, I hope that we can also begin to discuss what makes some of the articles more or less successful in the task of communicating beyond our boundaries.