Predatory journals: a big business scam in research field

Presently, a big scam is happening in the form of publishing “scientific research” in fake / illegitimate open access journals or predatory journals. Recently, very alarming results published in BMC Medicine journal ( about predatory journals. The authors highlighted that there has been a rise of online journals characterized as ‘predatory’, which actively solicit manuscripts and charge publications fees without providing robust peer review and editorial services. The predatory journals provide the platform to publish sub-standard research or highly fabricated/ manipulated research work. Many scientists are publishing their sub-standard research in fake journals to get jobs, tenure extension or promotion. While some scientists are publishing there potential discovery in predatory journals even without knowing. According to Jeffrey Beall’s list (a librarian at the University of Colorado), the number of predatory publishers has increased from 18 (in 2011) to 923 in by 2016 ( Jeffrey Beall has estimated that predatory open access journals publish about 5-10% of all open access articles, and that at least 25% of open access journals are predatory ( Very unfortunately the illegitimate journal are become a booming business in research field. The approximate business of the predatory journal is more than 100 million US dollar.

The predatory/ illegitimate journals have created the era of pseudo-science or trivial science.  This raises many questions for scientific community e.g.  How we can identify predatory journals? How we can get rid of predatory journals? How we can avoid publishing our research in predatory journals? How we can alert scientific community about predatory journals? What legal actions should be taken against the predatory journals? Finally how ‘Planate community’ can play pivotal role in the era of pseudo-science?

All scientific community members are more than welcome to share their insightful upon this. Please come together to get rid of pseudo-science era created by predatory/ illegitimate journals.