1.       Licor 6400 – the workhorse of plant eco-physiology, now Licor developed a new model (licor 6800)  https://www.licor.com/env/products/photosynthesis/

Protocol for Licor6400: http://www.publish.csiro.au/fp/fp10900

2.       Ciras 3 http://ppsystems.com/ciras3-portable-photosynthesis-system/

3.       Qubit  manufactures  plant physiology devices suitable for both research and teaching http://www.qubitbiology.com/plants-photosynthesis/

4.       This one is looking very cool, as its continently  measures PS rate : http://phyto-sensor.com/PTM-48A

5.       They got florescence detectors  for any need: http://www.walz.com/products/categories.html

6.       This company sells just about anything plant stress related and even leaf anthocyanin device : https://www.optisci.com/index.html

7.       Multispeq is an open-source hardware tool you can write you open protocols, useful for stress detection by chlorophyll florescence but can do much more than that. it’s by far cheaper than other devices in the market and connect by blue tooth to your phone https://photosynq.org/buy-multispeq

8.       Hansatech sells O2 electrodes, useful in algae studies   http://www.hansatech-instruments.com/

9.       I think this is the oldest Leaf chlorophyll meter in the market https://www.konicaminolta.eu/en/measuring-instruments/products/colour-measurement/chlorophyll-meter/spad-502plus/introduction.html

10.    Root Minirhizotrons camera and other plant related devices https://www.cid-inc.com/plant-science-tools/root-measurement-with-minirhizotron/

11.   Root analysis, scanner + software : http://regent.qc.ca/assets/winrhizo_about.html