Hi all, this is a topic I wanted to share for some time

Many of us do not work in universities with focus on plant science, and seminars on relevant topics are rare or work in geographically remote locations where it’s not cheap/easy to travel to conferences. So I think Plantae does a great service with “what you’re reading”.  

Another option is a monthly hovering  over main journals in each field (for me its journal of experimental botany, Plant physiology, Plant cell environment etc…). Additionally, when contacting by Facebook you get updates from those journals on recent publications.

Furthermore, some universities upload to YouTube their seminars, so it’s also a great resource (e.g.  from Cornell university : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs7Y2nGwfz4FTRNTqcwfiqDh_FVubpxHq)

Any more ideas?