Hi everyone, I am one of the moderators of this network! My name is Julia Miller and I am a PhD candidate in the Plant Biology Section of the School of Integrative Plant Science at Cornell University. I am studying the structure, function and regulation of plant transporter proteins related to aluminum resistance with Dr. Miguel Pineros. Aluminum is toxic to plants and causes reduced root growth. High aluminum is found in acidic soils, which includes 30% of the land on Earth. I want to understand the regulation of Arabidopsis thaliana MATE protein called AtMATE, to increase aluminum resistance in crop plants. My current work focuses on how a CBL/CIPK cascade affects the regulation of AtMATE. I use electrophysiological techniques with Xenopus oocytes to understand how the addition of the regulating proteins causes changes in AtMATE function. Specifically, I use the two electrode voltage clamp (TEVC) technique, in which I express my protein of interest in the oocyte and use the movement of ions in/out of the oocyte to understand the function of my protein. I also look at protein-protein interactions and localization in tobacco and Arabidopsis thaliana

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