In this article, we have reported that some of Arabidopsis mutants in the Ler background appeared to be recombinant introgression lines between Ler (Landsberg erecta) and Col (Columbia) ecotypes where studied desirable genomic regions of Ler were replaced by the corresponding regions of Col ecotype which can lead to unreliable and misinterpreted results. Our data support a recent proposal (Plant Cell. 2016;28:606-9) calling for formulating standards for authentication of plant lines that are used in plant research. Particular attention should be given to plant lines where a mutation in one genetic background is transferred into another background by means of crossing/backcrossing. Validating the genotypic background is possible by using various polymorphic markers that can distinguish different Arabidopsis ecotypes. In conclusion, it is important to verify that a given trait or genomic locus under study is correctly identified.

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Yadav, N. S., Khadka, J., & Grafi, G. (2018). Arabidopsis mutants may represent recombinant introgression lines. BMC research notes11(1), 227.