Please introduce yourself and ask questions here. This is the opportunity for you to play with during and after the workshop. 

Here are a few things you can do right away:

  • Make a profile
  • Join one or more networks - Science Communication, PSRN, Reproducibility, Plantae Bookshelf etc.
  • Find someone to follow
  • Start a collection of articles that interest you.
  • Create an article - blog, call to action, request for advice etc) - Ask Katie @ktlrogers (  or Juniper @JuniperKiss ( to amplify your post if you want to reach a broad audience. 

Check out these resources: 

Self Reflection Series 

What We're Reading Series

Science Communication and AmpliComm 

Mike Page portfolio

Here are some handy links if you'd like to get more involved with Plantae and / or ASPB

Using Plantae

ASPB Ambassador program

Plantae Fellows program: Applications open late summer 
Learn more about the program
Who are the Plantae Fellows? 

Conviron Scholars program: Applications open until 8/13
Learn more about the program

Open Forum network:

Science Communication Network and AmpliComm:

PSRN Network: