Welcome to the Plant Science Research Network report, Reinventing Postgraduate Training in the Plant Sciences or "RPT" resource collection Here at plantae.org/PSRN-Training, you will find materials related to the RPT report and resources to share the recommendations.  

RPT: Reinventing Postgraduate Training in the Plant Sciences
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Within the RPT Collection, you can navigate to access and download the following resources: 

RPT Report (Online PDF)
        RPT Appendix 1
        RPT Appendix 2
        RPT Appendix 3
        RPT Figures 1-5

Next steps: RPT in Action

RPT Figure 5: Build your own pathways (blank)

RPT Report (Print Ready)

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We welcome you to share your questions or comments about the report. Contact Natalie Henkhaus (nhenkhaus@aspb.org) to share how you've used RPT, request presentation materials, flyers, or a printed copy of the report.