Hello everyone!

We (Sterling Field and Alex Rajewski) are starting up an LGBTQ+ plant science network on Plantae. Our mission will be to help connect folks to resources, gather and curate resources, share experiences, and help make our discipline more inclusive of LGBTQ+ folks.

For the upcoming year, we are thinking of having a series of blog posts on being LGBTQ+ in Plant Science, particularly for Pride Month (June). If you are able to share you story, we welcome all submissions!

Plant Biology 2019 is in San Jose, California this year! We will try to plan a meet up one of the first days of the conference, it is a great way to connect with other folks in our society. If you are going to Plant Biology then let us know and we can plant to meet up with you. 

October is LGBTQ+ history month: do you know of an LGBTQ+ scientist who should be better known? If you are interested in sharing stories of LGBTQ+ scientist in history, we can post them in our network. 

We are also starting an LGBTQ+ Plant Science Twitter, you can contact and follow us at: @LGBTQPlantSci

We will also be putting together an LGBTQ+ network in Plantae to help us keep everything organize and readily accessibly, stay tuned for more information on when that will be coming out!

To get the ball rolling on a discussion, here are a few groups and organizations we have seen are would love to help collaborate with in the future are:

·      National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Scientist and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP)

·      Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (oSTEM)

·      500QueerScientists

·      Minority Affairs Committee (MAC, part of ASPB)

·      Another important resource for folks in industry are employee resources groups, LGBTQ+ specific ones are active at: Monsanto, Battelle, Oak Ridge National Lab

What resources have you found helpful and would be willing to share?