Hi everyone, my name is Katie Rogers and I am the new Community Engagement Administrator for the American Society of Plant Biologists and Plantae! 

Melanie Binder who previously held this position recently started a new job as community manager for the Healthcare Financial Management Association. We miss her dearly. She left behind big shoes to fill, but I am hoping to pick up where she left off and help our plant science community continue to grow and thrive. 

I started working with ASPB as a digital communications/social media intern during February 2018 alongside Juniper Kiss. We have both been working about 10 hours per week to help develop and grow Plantae's social media presence and share plant science with the world. 

For my new full-time role I will continue to monitor our social media sites, but I will also have the chance to develop more resources for our community. I will be spending more time producing Plantae Seminars, publishing Plant Science Research Weekly, sharing and supporting The Taproot podcast, and coordinating our new Plantae Online Journal Club. I will also be working closely with this year's amazing Plantae Fellows to provide them with the tools necessary to develop and share new resources with the Plant Science Community. 

If you ever need help using Plantae or need help sharing plant science news and resources, please let me know. My new email address is krogers@aspb.org and you can also follow me on Twitter @ktlrogers.  I am here for you! 

If we haven't met yet in person, come meet me at Plant Biology 2019! I am really excited to attend my first ever ASPB Plant Biology Meeting. You can find me at the Plantae booth.