Dear PUI Section Member –

We’re looking forward to discussing the mission and goals for the PUI Section of ASPB at our Business Meeting 7-8:30 am Tuesday (room LL21 AB).  If you are in San Jose, please consider joining us.  If you are unable to attend, this notice is to give you an opportunity to learn about the current status of the section and provide feedback on how we move forward (which we will cover in the Business Meeting).

We encourage you to interact through our section page on Plantae:  We will post our section activities at this location and hope that you can provide feedback prior to the meeting so that we may include it in our discussion.  Additionally, we encourage you to reach out to Maryann Herman (  current Chair of the PUI Steering Committee, if you are interested in greater involvement with  the group.

Below is a list of our initiatives for the coming year with the steering committee member spearheading that activity.  This is not an exhaustive list of all initiatives we are likely to undertake, it is those we know will be occurring.

  1. Development of section constitution and bylaws - Leeann Thornton
  2. Faculty Development Workshop at Plant Biology 2020- Liza Conrad
  3. Mentoring network- Karen Hicks
  4. Recruitment/growing membership- Derek Gingerich
  5. Plantae social media presence- Grace Ju Miller
  6. PUI career panel webinar- Grace Ju Miller
  7. Newsletter article- Andreas Madlung

Additionally, we continue to discuss our long-term niche within ASPB and the larger plant and PUI community.  Some ideas include:

Future funding sources to support the PUI workshop and travel to Plant Biology Conferences

Funding to build a larger PUI/Plant Biology network

Greater collaboration with existing ASPB groups, such as the Education Committee and regional sections.

Possible concurrent session at future Plant Biology Meetings

Formalizing opportunities to meet up with PUI Steering Committee Members at Plant Biology Meetings

Opportunities for PUI faculty and associated peoples to meet regionally throughout the year


Please provide feedback at the Town Hall Meeting, Plantae, and/or by contacting Maryann Herman.  The slides from the business meeting will be posted on Plantae afterwards.