The Sustaining Biological Infrastructure Training Initiative provides scientists with lucrative program management skills enabling them to lead science programs with confidence.

**The deadline for our 3-day intensive Strategies for Success course is August 30th**  

This will be the last chance in 2019 to get this training!

Course: Strategies for Success 
Dates: October 15-17, 2019 
Location: USGS Powell Center, Fort Collins, CO 

Come learn how to manage finances, strategically plan your program’s future, and communicate with stakeholders and potential funders, with our expert training team for 3 days in Colorado.  This training is perfect for those transitioning into leadership roles, or current project directors looking to improve their management skills.  

Unique among business skills courses, this course is tailored to the needs of the scientific community.  

Learn more and register now while space is still available:   

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