Hi everyone!

Together with Dr. Thomas Wentworth, Professor Emeritus, NC State University, we are seeking expressions of interest from scientists who would like to be presenters in an Inspire Session at the ESA 2020 meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. Additional information about the session, The Plant Science Decadal Vision, 2020-2030 - Why Ecologists Should Care About It, is provided in the attached PDF. 

Dr. Wentworth is the ESA  representative serving on the Plant Science Research Network (PSRN) Steering Committee. The PSRN is developing a visionary document representing the plant sciences, from molecules to ecosystems, and focusing on the research, people, and technology that will enable the plant sciences over the next 10 years. This session will be used to raise awareness for the decadal vision and highlight areas of interest to ESA members. 

The format of the Inspire Sessions are really cool: 5 minute talks per speaker, with slides advancing every 15 seconds. https://www.esa.org/saltlake/inspire-sessions/

If you are interested in participating or nominating a speaker, please contact me at nhenkhaus@aspb.org by September 16. Thank you! 

Inspire ESA 2020 PSRN Proposal v3.pdf