What is the Plant Cell Atlas?

The Plant Cell Atlas (PCA) will be a community resource that comprehensively describes the state of various plant cell types and integrates high-resolution spatial and temporal information of nucleic acids, proteins, and metabolites within plant cells. 

For more details about the motivation, goals and aims of the PCA Initiative, please read our paper in The Cell Press: Towards Building a Plant Cell Atlas.

Plant Cell Atlas Initiative Workshop 2020

To successfully implement the PCA Initiative, we are convening leaders from imaging, proteomics, genomics, nanotechnology, and data science to a Kick-Off Workshop to discuss how to best build this community resource.


March 28 -30, 2020


The Carnegie Institute for Science, Department of Plant Biology. Carnegie DPB is located on the Stanford University campus in California's San Francisco Bay Area. 

Keynote Speakers:

Janet Iwasa (University of Utah) and Joe Ecker (Salk Institute)

Session Speakers:

Session 1: Vision for Plant Cell Atlas: Biological questions that will be enabled

Dominique Bergmann (Stanford University), Martin Jonikas (Princeton University), Liwen Jlang (Chinse University of Hong Kong), Uta Paszkowski (University of Cambridge)

Session 2: Tools and Techniques for PCA

Michael Strano (MIT), Alice Ting (Stanford University), Becky Bart (Danforth Plant Science Center), Alexander Jones (Sainsbury Laboratory)

Session 3: Broader Impacts, Infrastructure and Community Building

George Bassel (University of Birmingham), Amy Marshal-Cólon (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), Nick Provart (University of Toronto), Drew Endy (Stanford University)


The PCA workshop and travel awards have been made possible by generous grants from the National Science Foundation (Grant # 1916797) and the Carnegie Institution for Science's President Fund. 

What to Expect

The workshop will feature invited talks, breakout sessions, and a poster session focused on technical challenges, community wants and needs, and the conceptual goals of the PCA.

Apply to Participate

To create a diverse community of future leaders in Plant Science, we are offering Travel Awards to junior scientists. This is a great opportunity for junior scientists to engage in discussions with senior scientists in a small-meeting atmosphere. We will also engage junior scientists to help write the white papers resulting from the meeting. Please be advised that there is only ONE application for BOTH the travel award and to participate in the workshop. If you only want to participate in the workshop, there is a place to indicate that you are not requesting funding.

Click here to apply!

Application FAQs

Who is eligible?

Graduate students, post docs and junior faculty researching plant biology, plant physiology, cell and molecular biology, genomics, proteomics, single-cell profiling, imaging, data science and/or nanotechnology.

When is the deadline to apply?

November 2nd, 2019

What expenses does the travel award cover?

Airfare to and from the San Francisco Bay Area, lodging and meals.

What materials do you need to apply?

  • Fill out a short application.
  • A current copy of your CV. 
  • A poster title and abstract.
  • A brief explanation of why you want to attend the workshop, what you expect to get out of the meeting and what you will bring to the meeting.