ASPB is currently recruiting two Community Network Leaders (CNLs) to lead the Plant Phenomics network on Plantae. CNLs are responsible for helping to add/share topical resources, nurture, and encourage engagement online in the network, as well as sharing activity related to Phenome 2020 before, during, and after the conference. 

In exchange for this important ongoing and active support of the network, CNLs will each receive a $500 stipend. Registration fees will be waived for CNLs who can help coordinate social media and other marketing on site at Phenome 2020

Community network leaders will help ASPB 

1) Build relationships in the Plantae Plant Phenomics network

  • Our goal with creating this network is to provide a place for people to find resources, collaborate, form connections, and build professional relationships 
  • CNLs will share information and resources about plant phenomics and encourage discussions throughout the year  
  • We encourage any ideas for nurturing the network that are also fun or social!

2) Promote Phenome 2020 before, during, after the conference

  • This year ASPB is hosting the 4th annual Phenome conference in Tucson, Arizona. CNLs will help connect conference attendees and engage the plant phenomics community leading up to during and after Phenome 2020 
  • Prior to the conference, CNLs will coordinate interviews with speakers and event organizers 
  • During the event, CNLs will help coordinate and curate collaborative notes 
  • After the conference, CNLs will write wrap-up summaries and share post-conference news 

Interested? Send a cover letter and CV to Katie Rogers ( by November 8th, 2019.  Anyone is welcome to apply including computer scientists, engineers, plant biologists, ecologists, and agronomists. 

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.