The WiPB Committee met last week on 10/23/2019 [Via GoToMeeting] to discuss upcoming activities and planning for the year. Our committee members include:

Laura Wayne, Eva Farre, Li Tian, Grace Miller, Katie Murphy (ECR), Kelly Gillespie, and Aruna Kilaru, with Crispin Taylor and Sylvia Lee from ASPB. Katie Rogers at ASPB also attends our meetings as she is helping us set up webinars/videos and our Plantae Network. 


We meet virtually approximately once every other month with one in-person meeting at the annual meeting. It is difficult finding time for us all of us to meet (usually one person can't make it). Our focus has been mainly on implementing new activities beyond our workshops at the annual meeting. If you have any ideas/suggestions that you would like us to focus on or address or something you would like to collaborate on, please comment below!


Our committee doesn't have official positions, but we have tried to balance our roles and have a focal point for each activity this year:

  • PlantBio20 Workshop -Kelly
  • PlantBio20 Lunch Guest Speaker -Li
  • PlantBio20 WiPB meet up -Laura
  • 2-minute videos -Grace
  • Plantae content/organization -Eva/ Katie R.
  • Twitter -Katie M.
  • Code of Conduct policies -Katie M.
  • Project Biodiversify -Aruna
  • Meetings -Laura/Sylvia
  • Sharon Gray WYITA reviewing -Laura & everyone


    We really want to be more than just a committee, I would like to see us grow into the Women in Plant Biology Network and use this network as a space for the WiPB Network community to gather, share ideas, post tips/resources, plan/organize activities, and plan/implement new changes/policies. We have been trying to add more content to our Plantae network and working to provide timely summaries of our activities & meetings. I would like to try to make our committee meetings more transparent and welcome subcommittees that fit into our mission. We won't be able to reach our vision with just the seven of us alone, we need the support, buy-in and allyship of the rest of our society to make the cultural shift we envision. We have listed some ways everyone can get involved with the Women in Plant Biology Network, but please suggest your own!

    Each year we organize a workshop and lunch with a Guest Speaker at the annual meeting. Our guest speaker at PlantBio19 was Dr. Denneal Jamison-McClung from UC Davis. The past few years we have collaborated with the MAC to organize a workshop. At PlantBio19 we had a speed networking breakfast.  We have proposed three workshop sessions for PlantBio20 in line with #ASPBForward's initiatives and collaborating with other committees, including a workshop on an EDI issue (collaborating with MAC), a lunch with a guest speaker, and a networking session (collaborating with other committees interested). The Program committee is currently assessing all workshops.

    The application to apply for the Sharon Gray WYITA to attend PlantBio20 is currently open! The deadline is December 11th. At the beginning of the year, we will be reviewing applications and awarding seven travel grants.


    At our last meeting, an idea of having short (2-minute) video clips in addition to the longer webinars would be beneficial to cover FAQ. We have compiled a list of questions for these videos and are starting to put them together, so stay tuned! If you have a question you would like to see get answered/discussed, please post below. Here are some sample questions:

    • What do you love about your job?
    • What is something you do to support women in plant biology?
    • How do you advocate for yourself?


    This past year we developed a Leadership Webinar Series with four webinars, as well as one on “How to Be an Effective Mentor” and one on All aboard the mentor-ship: making and using an Individual Development Plan. We are planning to have some more webinars. Some topics that came up during our brainstorming include: "Parenting in Plant Science" and "Careers Beyond the Lab Bench". If you have additional ideas for webinars, please post below.

    Along with the MAC, we want to highlight and recognize women and under-represented minorities in plant science and contribute to Project Biodiversify. ASPB's involvement in this project is just starting, but feel free to browse, contribute, and utilize the resources they have.

    ASPB is wanting to expand the code of conduct policy beyond the annual meeting. We are involved in these discussions but it is at the early stages of development.


    We now have a very active twitter account, so check us out @ASPB_WiPB!