Join Georgian Plantae

We kindly invite you to join the Georgian Plantae network.

Georgian Plantae connects the global community of Georgian scientists from all countries with scientists in Georgia, who are involved with plants, agricultural or crop related field. The network’s objectives is to promote international scientific collaboration, build up the culture of innovation and contribute to the prosperity of Georgia’s in agriculture and related industries.

There is no cost involved. You can register on :

Please, share your profile with a recent picture, your research area, your interests, your current affiliation (academic institutions or private organizations), your academic experience – so like-minded people can find and interact with you.

The main language for public communication is English, but feel free to use any language in private conversations (especially Georgian, naturally).


Do you know other Georgian diaspora plant scientists ?

Please make introductions or forward this email. It's a great way to catch-up, reconnect and meet face to face twice a year in Georgia during meetups.


Who is organizing Georgian Plantae network?

IOM Georgia : The International Organization for Migration is working to strengthen the linkages between migration and development through greater involvement of diasporas and use of migrants' potential for the development of their home country.

Georgian Plantae members will have the opportunity to participate, as experts or consultants, to specific initiatives of the IOM and collaborate with the public and the private sector in Georgia. 


Who is hosting Georgian Plantae network?

ASPB : the American Society of Plant Biologists is a professional society devoted to the advancement of the plant sciences. It publishes two world-class journals and organizes conferences, and other activities that are key to the advancement of the science.


How can you get involved?

We are recruiting two voluntary Community Network Leaders (CNLs) for our @GeorgianPlantae network.

Apply by December 6th ! Please simply comment below, or send an email to the network admins.