I know I am not the only one currently reeling from the sudden transition from being on campus to working remotely. I'm at a PUI and with the UG sent home my research is effectively over for the semester. I've seen a few threads on how to deal with online teaching, but little about the loss of research productivity. So I thought Plantae would be a great place where we could commiserate and share resources about our labs struggles, strengths, and forward motion. 

Personally, I had two projects going with two seniors. Both were going to present at ASPB Midwest and our University Research Day, which will no longer happen. They had to stop their projects early, thankfully their samples are safe at -80 but they will be graduating and not able to finish which is very upsetting to them. My midpoint tenure package is due in February so losing these opportunities is extremely stressful. Add that to the idea that the virus driven shutdown might go on longer and may cancel summer plans and anxiety is high here. 

How is everyone else doing?