Hello everyone! We are Vijaya and Carlos, part of the 2020 Class of Plantae Fellows!

We are currently working on the Plantae Bookshelf Network. For those that are unfamiliar with this Network, it is a space inside Plantae where we share and discuss our favorite books related to plants, career paths in science, and other books interesting for science enthusiasts.

One of our main current projects is to compile a list of the books that our community considers all plant scientists should read. For that purpose, we've created this short-survey for you to answer: https://bit.ly/2JRFE9w

Please, feel free to fill it and share it with your friends and colleagues! We are also appreciate if you help us retweeting our post (@Vijaya_Batthula and @caordonezparra) so more people can answer this survey and we can compile a meaningful list of books to be shared and discussed in our Network.

If you are experiencing any trouble with the survey, please reply to this discussion or message us!

Thanks in advance for your time!

Vijaya and Carlos