Hello, hope can help me in this issue  

I need  information of Enterobacteriaceae values and ranges of the seeds for bird feed and I don’t know who else to go to 

I’m a broker of canary seed processed in Canada and imported to Chile, recently the Chile’s animal health division (SAG) emit a regulation were the levels of enterobacteria for the animal feed of vegetal origin has to be in a range of n=10 and M = 300 UFC/g , but after I check several data and information these level is for food which pass thru a thermic process 

The seeds are cleaning on machines but it not pass thru a thermal process, is it possible to have a range of n= 10 and M = 300 UFC/gr if the seed are only machine cleaned?
Do you have values of the normal range of the Enterobacteriaceae of the seeds proceeded on machine cleaned?

Currently with the values of the regulation of the SAG is impossible to import bird seeds to Chile and the only way I have for change the ranges this is with technical information and I don’t know where I can get it 

Hope you can help me in this issue
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Erwin Anker
Viña Del Mar-Chile 

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