Following up on the discussion that sprouted in Sharlene Weatherwax's workshop at the ASPB Virtual World Summit, I promised to provide some more information about where my bold views about securing funding in the era of COVID19 originated from.  A question arose from our breakout group. As keen and energetic community of plant biologists, should we focus on writing about plant observations for our senior populations world-wide? In my part-time work as a life enrichment assistant at American House Senior Living communities, I see the desperate need to fill the daily time that retired people have with mental stimulating activities. Many of them love to read. Others who no longer have the ability to see properly, or hold onto a book with their hands, love to listen to books on tape. I was surprised to read that Americans, aged 50 and over (seniors), make up approximately 29% of the USA's population and that they have a cumulative household value of $19 trillion. Despite this wealth, corporate America still hasn't recognized the potential of reaching this critical senior market. (Pepper Institute of Ageing and Public Policy, n.d.).