The WiPB Committee met on 8/13/2020 [Via GoToMeeting]. Committee members present include: Laura Wayne (Chair), Eva Farre, Li Tian, Grace Miller, Katie Murphy, Kelly Gillespie, Aruna Kilaru, and Sylvia Lee. Additionally, in-coming committee members were invited to attend, our new members include: Dianne Pater, Sibongile Mafu, and Jenny Mortimer. Laura, Grace, and Kelly will be rotating off September 30th. Eva will become the new Chair of the WiPB Committee!


In a normal year, we would have an in-person committee meeting during the Plant Biology conference, ideally after our workshops. This year we postponed it week or so since it was virtual. During this meeting we discussed the workshops and the feedback received.


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Implicit Bias & Conscious Inclusion Workshop


We will be repeating the Implicit Bias & Conscious Inclusion workshop September 11th since this workshop had an attendance cap. We also started discussing ideas for the workshops next year! We will be partnering again with EDIC for a joint workshop.


With the #ShutdownSTEM day that ASPB participated in (We Need to hear Your Voices), ASPB is actively discussing ways to increase equity, diversity, inclusion in Plant Biology. The committees and council have been brainstorming short-term, medium-term, and long-term initiatives to break down barriers and dismantle systemic racism in plant biology. The WiPB committee is discussing ways we can contribute to these efforts.


We are also planning some upcoming workshops. The Implicit bias & Conscious Inclusion workshop in September and a Careers Beyond the Lab Bench panel discussion later this fall.


Our next WiPB Committee meeting September 25th will be a transition meeting to discuss our roles and new activities for the 2021 year. 


Don't forget to check us out on Twitter: @ASPB_WiPB!


I (Laura) have enjoyed my time on the WiPB committee working with people from different institutions. Although, I am happy to be rotating off and passing the opportunity to contribute to this committee to others. I wish Eva and the new committee all the best!