Hi all,

I want to share the creation of an online community for early-career modelers. The lack of a visible online community, and the unique challenges faced by modelers in increasingly interdisciplinary (niche) areas has motivated us to start our own community of early career modelers.

You can read our community guidelines and brainstorming ideas of where to take this next - for example, collating resources and cool software/papers; peer code review and mentoring; practice with interdisciplinary communication; and sharing relevant opportunities. Feel free to share any ideas you might have! 

We are open to modelers active in any field - bioinformatics, statistical, computational, mathematical, including people interested in learning to model. If you are later in your modeling career and want to support us, that is good too! If you are more interested in collaborating with a modeler, we are developing a space for that too -head here to sign up for updates.

Check out our website to learn more

Ways you can get involved:

If you are unfamiliar with some of these social media platforms, I included some notes and introductory tutorials on my blog