Hi everyone,

I recently published an article proposing an alternate term to plant blindness (known as plant awareness disparity). It can be found here:


My question is about publicity. The article is attempting to rename (or at least suggest an option for renaming) a field of botany education research, so it's imperative that I publicize it as much as possible. I've used twitter, instagram, and facebook. I've added it to my professional and personal blog websites. I've guest-blogged about it for my department's biology blog and emailed it to colleagues. But I'm trying to get this outside my personal circle and into the hands of as many botanists and biology educators as possible. Do you all have any suggestions for other ways I can reach a wider audience? I'm also pitching an opinion piece about the topic but it's going to take awhile to see if that works out or not. So far, all my attempts at science writing/journalism pitches have been unsuccessful (COVID is king of the science news right now).