The WiPB Committee met on 9/25/2020 [Via Zoom]. Committee members present include: Laura Wayne (Chair), Eva Farre, Li Tian, Grace Miller, Katie Murphy, Kelly Gillespie, and Sylvia Lee. Additionally, in-coming committee members were invited to attend, and Dianne Pater, Sibongile Mafu, and Jenny Mortimer were present. Laura, Grace, and Kelly will be rotating off September 30th. I (Eva) will be the new Chair of the WiPB Committee starting October 1st, and the meeting was co-hosted by myself and Laura.

We discussed the success of our  recent workshop Implicit Bias & Conscious Inclusion workshop September 11th. We also discussed how to bring this type of awareness to a wider audience at ASPB as well defined some ideas for workshops for next year. We will be partnering again with EDIC for a joint workshop.

The committee decided to offer our ECR (Early Career Researcher) position vacancy to Sabrina Chin, who has accepted. Welcome Sabrina!

Due to high interest of the workshop Perspectives in Science Leadership and Policy with Sharlene Weatherwax  that the WiPB committee hosted at PB2020, Li is planning a follow up networking session with Dr. Weatherwax probably in November. So stay tuned!

The WiPB Committee will be meeting again November 16th to discuss the workshops for next year and other future activities.

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