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Covering plant science subjects across all biological scales and from a wide range of sources, this journal club aims to open the debate for important questions, amongst which: ‘How does quantitative biology help to uncover hidden plant features?’

Take part in these short and essential webinars to enrich your research and take this opportunity to chat with experts in the field of quantitative plant science. Each webinar will include a short presentation from the author, followed by a discussion session with the audience.

About Quantitative Plant Biology:

Quantitative Plant Biology is an open access journal co-published by Cambridge University Press and The John Innes Centre, publishing ground-breaking discoveries and predictions in quantitative plant science.

Key Speakers and Dates:





Minako Udea

Mitochondrial dynamics and segregation during the asymmetric division of Arabidopsis zygotes

Wednesday 14th April 2021

10am BST/6pm JST

Satoru Tsugawa

A mathematical model explores the contributions of bending and stretching forces to shoot gravitropism in Arabidopsis

Monday 26th April 2021

8am BST/4pm JST

Gerrit Beemster

leafkin—An R package for automated kinematic data analysis of monocot leaves

Tuesday 11th May 2021

4pm BST/11am EDT/6pm JST

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