Hi everyone !

On behalf of Dr. Ian Newman, an Older ASPB member with vision impairment, I am looking for researchers with interest or who work on Dendrochronology and Cosmic rays in plants, who may have interest in using, a possibly 2,500 years old Tasmania's endemic Huon pine (Largostrobos franklinii) to link the 11-year sunspot cycles in it's rings to other Dendrochronology features.

I will be happy to contact anyone with interest in this research and link them up with Dr. Newman, I can be reached through email: egesaandrew15@gmail.com. The researcher may as well directly contact Dr. Newman through email: ian.newman@utas.edu.au or through the address I have added below, however, the written communication should be in larger fonts for him to be able to read. 

I have attached the communication from Dr. Newman and photos of the tree rings. 

Communication from Dr. Ian Newman

Old tree rings.pdf (1)

Photo1:IN_i6_0551.jpg (2)

Photo2: IN_i6_0553.jpg (3)


Contact Address:

Dr. Ian Newman,
Honorary Research Associate, Biophysics, 
School of Natural Sciences,
University of Tasmania.
Room 431, Maths-Physics Building.
Phone: +61 466 361 779
Email: ian.newman@utas.edu.au
Link: https://www.utas.edu.au/profil...