·      ASPB ECPS will be accepting applications for PB 2021 Registration Awards. You must me a member of ASPB and ECPS to apply. Click here to join ASPB and ECPS. Applications will be open very soon.  

·      ASPB ECPS will be accepting nominations and holding elections for a new Vice Chair, Head of Internal Communications, and Head of Content. Nominations will open very soon, and elections will open two weeks after PB 2021. If you are interested in being part of the ECPS Core Team or you know someone who would be a great addition to the team, please submit a nomination.

·      ECPS will host or co-host the following events as PB 2021:

  1. ECPS Graduate School Q & A Session
  2. ECPS Town Hall
  3. ECPS Trivia
  4. Workshop with Women in Plant Biology Committee – Bioeconomy Careers Beyond Academia

All workshops will be held on Wednesday, July 21. Once the program is finalized, ASPB ECPS will announce the days and times of all ECPS-sponsored events.